Can you imagine being in therapy with a man riding a bike and that calls himself “The Angry Therapist”?

After going through a divorce and experiencing a ‘rebirth’ John Kim started his coaching movement, calling himself “The Angry Therapist”. He built a devoted following who loved his authenticity and transparency by sharing his story, something that therapists are not allowed to do. John became known as an “unconventional therapist” as he started to see his clients at the gym, a coffee shop, or even hikes.

In this episode of Unstoppable, we talk about how to manage anger, the importance of having boundaries in relationships, discuss the touchy topic of “toxic masculinity” and how to bring back masculinity.

From being an angry man for almost 35 years of his life to starting to humanizing therapists, John tells me his story about how “he used to be miserable as f*ck” and how he overcame that.

You definitely can’t miss this one out.

In this episode, you will learn:
    • 02:10 – Who is John Kim? and why he started “The Angry Therapist”
      06:41 – Hitting rock bottom in his life and the journey to becoming a therapist
    • 11:32 – What is to be a man? And discovering that at 35 years old
    • 14:11 – Discovering why he was angry with life and starting as “The Angry Therapist”
    • 18:42 – Does therapy need a refresh? And why group therapy is better than individual therapy
    • 24:28 – How to manage anger
    • 28:37 – How to become aware of your solid self
    • 35:43 – What are the characteristics of an addict? And how to deal with addiction
    • 39:22 – The importance of setting boundaries in relationships
    • 43:21 – Talking about ‘toxic masculinity’ and how to bring back manhood
    • 47:58 – What can we learn from being a parent

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