Chris Gray

How to retire early with property 

A lot of people don’t realise the impact social media is having on their business right now. Content marketing is all about creating value. And solutions have no value…

Who here wants to retire in their 30’s? Or even at 60? Well then this podcast is for you

On this episode I sit down with one of Australia’s leading investment property experts, CEO, and a good friend of mine, Chris Gray who shares his knowledge that helped him grow a 3.5M property portfolio by the age of 31.

Not only do we deep dive into market insights, but we discuss hot topics such as whether to invest your money into property or stocks, why so many people retire broke, and the biggest mistakes people make when they want to get into the property game.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • 8:12 What does wealth mean?
  • 10:22 Things to know before retiring
  • 16:05 Why the biggest luxury isn’t money, it’s freedom and choice
  • 28:02 So… why should we choose property?
  • 34:22 The biggest mistakes people make when they get into property
  • 38:30 What is fractional property investment?
  • 49:22 Why slow is fast in the property game
  • 51:00 How long should you hold a property investment for?

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