How to produce tasty meat without killing animals

Can you imagine eating tacos, curry or even a cheeseburger without meat? If you said “absolutely not”, think again, because you’re about to hear how it is possible to enjoy everything that is delicious about eating meat, all without animal products.

In this episode of Unstoppable, I speak to Michael Fox, CEO of Fable Food Co, a company that provides meat alternatives that taste exactly like meat, but without harming animals.

He became vegetarian in 2015 for environmental, health and ethical reasons but didn’t want to give up on the “Steak of Glory”. For this reason, with the help of two mushroom geeks, each on their own journey to make meat-like products for plant lovers, they created food using ingredients that are as minimally processed as possible. These products are based on shitake mushrooms which make up 2/3 of the ingredients used on the list. On top of that, Fable also provides maximum nutritional value, with minimal environmental impact.

Michael is one of three business partners and their company have high certifications in the sciences behind mushroom, permaculture, biodynamics and regenerative farming systems, and biomimicry of fungi. Nowadays, you can find Fable products in popular convenience stores across Australia.

This episode definitely will trigger your curiosity and will make you think about the food choices we make. Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, you can’t miss this one!

In this episode, you will learn:
    • 00:00 – Where did all begin for Michael Fox?
    • 09:44 – His experience working for Google
    • 13:21 – Starting his entrepreneur journey with Shoes of prey
    • 22:12 – Taking the decision of closing his business and the biggest lesson learned with this
    • 29:58 – Starting his life as a vegetarian and his business with FABLE
    • 38:23 – How to make a vegetable to taste like meat? And the FABLE distribution model
    • 45:37 – How to know when your business is successful?
    • 47:59 – Being a Dad while being an entrepreneur
    • 51:36 – The best piece of advice for entrepreneurs

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