11-23-How to prevent burnout

To avoid getting to burnout, I suggest it’s very useful knowing what base neutral looks like for you and getting really good at knowing where you’re at day to day, week to week.

If you’re starting to feel burnout that’s when you have to pull the reins back and put in place a burnout recovery plan.

You’ve really got to self direct, and pull the reins back and just rest because if you were a horse that’s running flat out all the time eventually your respiration will collapse, meaning you collapse and not much can happen then.

It’s really hard for me to intuitively know, with 26 people, where they’re all at.

And that’s where it’s really important for everyone to know when they should be sprinting, when they should be jogging, and when they you should be resting.

Ultimately, if people are sprinting as hard as they can because they want to be as productive as they can, they’re in danger of sprinting to burn out, and then they become unproductive.

People are at their very best when they’re well exercised, well fed, well watered and well rested.

That’s when you’re sharpest, on point, that’s when you can deliver the best.

When you start pushing yourself to exhaustion and you just keep going, it dulls your senses, you’re not as sharp, and potentially getting distracted easily. These are signals and symptoms of needing to pull back, so pull back.

It’s not pull back to a jog, it’s pull back to…I need to go to a stable and rest.

Rest as needed and …

Rest to full recovery.


Kerwin Rae