How do we condition ourselves to overcome stress?

You need to breathe, and I mean fucking deep into your belly, belly breathing.

The second thing that we need to do is we need to control meaning. We need to consciously pack our thought processes to ensure the meaning we associate with the circumstance or the situation that we’re in is different from the meaning that was created that triggered the stress first place.

So, for example something blows up in business – you lose money and you think, ‘’Oh my God, this is terrible’’.

You might see it as money flying out the window, and it would be very easy to think, “This is a really bad situation”.

But in situations like that, I’ve learnt to condition myself and go, ‘’Wow this is a really valuable lesson’’.

So, I literally take a deep breath and I start to go, “This is not bad, okay so don’t freak out, take a deep breath. Okay let’s choose a different meaning.”

How do we do that?

I ask a couple of questions. What is the benefit of this? How will this serve me? And what lessons am I getting that will help in the future?

Which moves into step three, develop gratitude.

This is going to be the weirdest fucking part, you actually have to be grateful for what’s happening.

Why would we be grateful for what’s happening?

We’d be grateful because our body responds biologically when we express and experience high levels of gratitude. See cortisol while it’s sitting there, you know, it’s running around your body and it’s halving your IQ and it’s fucking with your digestion and it’s basically making you fat and making you stupid, it’s screwing with your immune system. It’s running wild.

But there’s actually an antidote to cortisol, you know what it is?

It’s called DHEA. It’s produced by your adrenal gland and it’s a hormone. So how do we produce DHEA in our body and how do we actually experience a legitimate state of gratitude?

By exploring the situation that we’re in and actually drawing out legitimate fucking benefits that are going to serve you, and legitimate lessons that you’re getting.

So that you can go, “You know what? I’m not actually not pissed off this happened, I’m actually grateful’’.

And step four is move, physically move.

Take a deep breath, what does this mean? I’m grateful for this but I do this whilst moving.

Why do I want to make sure that I am moving?

Because that’s actually going to pump the DHEA through my body faster. What I’m telling you, what I’m conditioning you, teaching you how to do, goes against every part of your primal wiring but the freedom on the other side of that, the confidence on the other side of that, your ability to deal on the other side of that – it’s worth the price of entry.

Kerwin Rae