Fear is responsible for robbing people of their dreams on a daily basis.

What would you do if you had no fear?

Fear holds people back from doing the things they need to in order to grow. Here’s how I deal with this demon to win every day.

Fear, you know, it’s one of those things that holds so many people back. But the truth is, overcoming fear isn’t as difficult as what you think it might be.

I remember when I discovered I had a fear of heights, I actually did 200 skydives in less than 12 months. I went and learned how to become a skydiver because I wanted to overcome the fear. And the truth was, at the end of probably my first 20 jumps, not only was I not afraid anymore, I was actually excited by the thing that once scared me.

So the thing that I’ve learned when it comes to overcoming fear, is not to avoid your fear.

Fear is where your lessons are. You must go where the discomfort is, you must go where the fear is. Because where the fear is, is the greatest potential for growth.

So for those of you who want to grow – if you want to overcome fear, face it full on.

FEAR doesn’t have to mean Fuck Everything And Run; FEAR can actually mean Face Everything And Rise.

But the truth is, in order for you to overcome your fear, you’ve got to be willing to eat it. You’ve got to be willing to taste it, and you’ve got to be willing to confront it.

Go on and do something that scares the shit out of you today.

Kerwin Rae