Carrie Wilkerson

How to know if entrepreneurship is for you 

Carrie Wilkerson, keynote speaker and author of “The Barefoot Executive,” talks about the importance of finding our “why,” how it changes over time, how important it is in entrepreneurship and being a leader. She also talks in depth about how entrepreneurship may not be for everyone.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • 8:07 – Why she started her business and what motivates her to do what she does
  • 19:19 – The beginning of her second business journey
  • 23:20 – One of the biggest challenges she’s faced
  • 33:22 – The difference between elite performance people and normal people
  • 36:45 – This is why you SHOULDN’T have a business
  • 42:15 – How to manage relationships while being an entrepreneur
  • 48:09 – The role that faith plays in her personal journey

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