Stevan Premutico

How to Innovate in Business & Revolutionize an Industry

Ever wanted to know what kind of courage it takes to start and run a successful business during a recession or crisis?

Stevan Premutico is the founder of hospitality tech startup Dimmi (now The Fork) back in 2009 during the Global Financial Crisis which was acquired in 2015 for $25m. He then founded me&u, another hospitality tech company, which has secured $11m from investors, and successfully pivoted during COVID-19 downturns in the hopitality sector.

If you, like me, love a good never-back-down, against-all-odds entrepreneurship story of resilience and innovation, this is the one to watch. Check it out!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • 02:57 – The motivation behind becoming Unstoppable
  • 07:20 – Capital Raising 101: How to grab investors, the process of creating a pitch, and understanding why investors invest
  • 13:01 – The challenges of starting a business
  • 24:05 – Pivoting a business during COVID-19 (me&u)
  • 32:22 – Developing resilience in childhood
  • 44:04 – The importance of obsession and naivety in the entrepreneur journey
  • 49:05 – Top 3 routines & good habits every entrepreneur needs
  • 52:39 – What makes a good leader?
  • 57:58 – The importance of values in relationships and business
  • 1:02:50 – Stevan’s mantra in life