One of the keys to greater productivity is your health. You can’t manage time but you can manage energy.

There are so many things required in order for you to succeed in business, but one of them that you can’t escape is energy.

Energy is the fuel that drives your productivity and you can’t manage time but you can manage energy. And for me, personally, the way I manage my energy is through good nutrition and hydration.

I eat pretty much a paleo-based diet. High protein, high fats. Very primal. But it works for me. I also consume Kombucha on a daily basis, that I actually brew myself. And I also am consuming about 2-3 liters of water every single day.

Because the missing link for most people, when it comes to higher levels of energy, is the right nutrition, the right hydration, but also the right supplementation, as well.

And for me, I take a range of supplements that support me to increase my energy levels to become a lot more productive.

If you want to become a lot more productive, focus on your health, because the benefits are, not only are you going to have more energy, you’re also going to live longer.

Get your health in order.

Kerwin Rae