12-28-How to experience daily happiness

Daily happiness comes from pursuing the things that you love.

Often people get to the end of a goal and say, what else? This is because the goal was a destination. True fulfillment in life doesn’t come from chasing destinations. Life is just not a destination sport.

When you set a destination goal, let’s say of making a million bucks. And you get there, and then you’re happy for two weeks. Then say to yourself, well now what? Now I’m miserable and maybe not a lot is different for you.

All these destinations get thrown out there. I’ll be happy when I meet the right person, I’ll be happy when this, I’ll be happy when that.

If you treat life as a destination sport you’ll be experiencing long periods of struggle, that will have short periods of elation and joy, and happiness.

Happiness is a journey not a destination

It’s important to understand that real happiness is a journey, a real journey and involves journey work.

That’s why I love calisthenics, why I love business, because with the right mindset we understand journey work.

And journey work is pursuing the things that we love so we can be happy every day, not just once in a while when we achieve a destination.

I suggest to stop focussing on the outcomes and start focussing on the processes that create meaning, and thereby, a meaningful life experience. And the natural consequence of this is, you guessed it champ, daily happiness.

Start focussing on the things that you love that provide the meaning that you’re looking for and become very conscious of the relationship between the two.

My best piece of advice on this is, find out why you’re here, what is your reason to be on this planet.

What is your purpose?

Connect with your purpose, and you’ll have everything you need and everything you’ve ever wanted and your life will be meaningfilled, you could say, meaning fuelled.


Kerwin Rae