11-30-How to deal with negative posts on social media

I ignore negative posts on social media and I’ll tell you why.

I’ve had an interesting relationship with trolls. 99.9999 per cent of the time I just ignore them because whatever you pay attention to expands. We all know that, right? Whatever we occupy our mind with, the broken record thought, it expands.

And I’ve seen that whenever I bite on a troll it’s like a feeding frenzy, so I just ignore it and I just focus on the good feedback.

What’s really interesting for us now, at the scale we’re at and the engagement we have, in a seven day period we’ll have half a million engagements just on Facebook. And we can count on less than one hand the negative ones. So literally, 99.9999 per cent of our interactions are very highly positive.

As a result, there’s no real need to focus on the negative.

It doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt, I’m human. I’m actually hyper sensory which means I really feel things.

And although someone can sit there and ball me out, even though I know it’s not true I still feel it. I’m still human, I just regulate it in a different way. I don’t do it overtly so people don’t see me get offended, I’m just being offended on the inside. I regulate my psychology and biochemistry quite quickly so it doesn’t manifest on the outside.

I’ve also turned people around after people have had a spray. I’ll respond by saying, ‘“Thank you so much for your feedback, I actually really appreciate it. I wish you nothing but love and all the best.”

Interestingly, 30 to 40 per cent of the time people come back and say, “You’re not actually a d*ck after all. That was a really nice response. I may not like what you have to say but I really appreciate you took the time to respond to me. Thank you.”

Yeah, so – kill them with kindness.

Kill them with kindness.


Kerwin Rae