Sanjay Rawal

How to bring out the power of your heart

If you’ve ever been interested in high performance or self-discovery, then understanding the spirituality behind running marathons, not just 12 miles, but THE 3100 Mile Race, is vital. My interview with Sanjay Rawal, American Documentary Film Director, discusses a range of topics from spirituality, to his documentaries to the power of the heart and how we can quiet our minds. This episode is one you don’t want to miss if you truly want to better understand your soul.

P.S. If you’re interested in watching Sanjay’s 3100 film, it will be in theaters in Australia from March 19-27th 2020 and then on iTunes and Amazon April 2nd 2020 onward.
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In this episode, you will learn:

  • 02:50 – “3100 miles” documentary and the scientific and spiritual aspects of life approached on it
  • 09:20 – The importance of dealing with suffering component in the running
  • 12:17 – The misunderstood idea of suffering in Western society
  • 20:48 – Western interpretation of “spirituality” and the key to achieve anything in life
  • 39:37 – How to deal with pain without suffering
  • 44:59 – Exercises to expand the heart, the mind and trans-dimensional consciousness
  • 53:54 – The 3 things you need to HEAL
  • 58:39 – The differences in the use of psychedelics between Eastern and Western societies
  • 1:04:47 – The difference between devotion and commitment