One of the most important things that you need to understand when it comes to working with other people is learning how to become more attractive.

And I’m not talking about physically attractive. You’ve got what you’re born with.

I’m talking about having that enigmatic energy, that charisma that draws people to you. In order to become hyper-attractive, you need to eliminate neediness from your personality, neediness from your environment.

Neediness is that thing where you always want more because whatever you have is not enough. And they’re constantly clingy, and asking, and demanding for more. And frankly, it’s a very repulsive quality.

People don’t like being around others who are needy.

There are three things that you can do to eliminate neediness from your personality.

Number 1: Want nothing.

Come into every situation as if you’ve got everything that you already need.

Number 2: Focus on your strengths.

People who try to focus and be things that they’re not, only try to prove things that they aren’t. And they end up trying too hard, and it’s not an attractive quality.

And thirdly, demonstrate your willingness to walk away at any opportunity. Any time you feel unappreciated, unvalued or you feel like your presence isn’t needed. Walk away! It is an incredibly powerful social indicator of how much you value yourself.

You want to become hyper-attractive?

Eliminate neediness.

Use those three things. Boom.


Kerwin Rae