Fred Schebesta

How to Become a Millionaire Before 30

One of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs, Fred Schebesta is an award-winning business leader, he is best known for co-founding one of the world’s leading comparison websites, in 2006. Finder exploded in the Australian market after it launched and following its success it also launched in the United States in 2015 and in the United Kingdom in 2017.

Fred has countless accolades to his name, including three prestigious awards in 2017 by global professional services company, EY (Ernst & Young): Entrepreneur of the Year, Australian National Winner – Services Category, Australian National Finalist – Eastern Region, and Australian Regional Finalist – Eastern Region.

In this episode of Unstoppable Fred takes us through his entrepreneurial journey and details all the highs and lows of entrepreneurship especially in times of crisis all while trying to maintain a healthy personal life. Check it out now!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • 02:10 – Who is Fred Schebesta?
  • 09:25 – The genesis of and his business has been dealing with COVID-19
  • 17:42 – Why people are cancelling NETFLIX and his experience in Google Jail
  • 23:13 – Lessons learned as an entrepreneur and building contingency plans
  • 25:52 – Getting into flow state as an entrepreneur
  • 30:13 – Balancing business and life while dealing with divorce and death
  • 35:48 – Healthy regulation of emotions during the hardest times as an entrepreneur
  • 40:42 – The psychedelics movement
  • 49:47 – Being a parent and an entrepreneur