How to be accountable and transparent

We always do more for others than we do for ourselves, because we’re mammals and want to stay connected to the herd. Social pressure is a valuable tool to create high levels of accountability and transparency within a team. Here’s how we do it…

We use this incredible thing called social pressure, on a regular basis, in our organisation. Social pressure is where you create a high level of transparency around things that you’re committing to doing. We have a several types of accountability.

Everyone in our organisation knows what our purpose and mission is, each department knows their priorities, every individual knows their focus for the quarter. But it goes one step further.

Every individual focuses each day, each week on the tasks that come from the priorities.


We create high levels of transparency so people can see who’s doing what. This works because people will do more for others than they will for themselves, so it follows that if others are aware of your tasks – you don’t want to let each other down.

This is about understanding human nature.

With our human nature it is easy to hide but when you create high levels of transparency, the motivation for you to actually follow through goes up, and it goes up is because we are mammals.

As herd mammals, we are inclined to augment our behavior to ensure that we stay connected to everybody else, the herd we’re in.

Be accountable to others

So my advice is hold yourself accountable – and be accountable to others.

Put yourself in a situation where others can hold you accountable, and be good to your word.

There was a time when people’s word meant something. It really meant they would do what they said they would do.

If you’re gonna make a commitment, don’t do it to give false hope, actually do it. Say something because you mean it.

If you are going to commit to something then follow through because if you don’t, your word doesn’t mean much.

As far as I’m concerned, the people who are most influential are the ones that back up what they say.

So just do what you say you’re going do, become visible to others and just follow through.

It’s one of our organization’s values: We do what we say we will do!

We know we can rely on each other because of that value.


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Kerwin Rae