Natalie Cook

High Performance Habits from an Olympic Gold Medallist 

Did you know that high stress is the doorway to high performance? Most people never experience the true beauty of stress and the gifts that it brings because they don’t want to sit in discomfort.

But all professional athletes, successful businessmen, and world-leading experts, have experienced, often for prolonged periods of times, and utilised high stress and pain to their advantage. And Olympic Gold Medallist Natalie Cook is no different.

Nat won Olympic Gold at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games in Beach Volleyball. And she has received the Order of Australia Medal, and has been inducted in both the Volleyball Hall of Fame AND Australian Sporting Hall of Fame.

This is the unique story and insights into living life as a high performance athlete to become part of the top 1% in the world.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • 1:54 – Early childhood of an Olympic Gold Medalist
  • 13:23 – Finding the calling to beach volleyball for Natalie Cook
  • 19:17 – The hardships of being a professional athlete & competing at a high level
  • 21:26 – Managing ego as a professional athlete and her experience playing while having an injury
  • 31:34 – The worst nightmare of any athlete
  • 48:34 – Running a business after retirement
  • 57:34 – How to manage pressure in order to perform

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