I’m sure you have seen by now that Australia has been battling severe bushfires for many months and they have reached boiling point as of late.

2, 000 homes have been burnt to the ground across the country. What do you say to someone who has lost everything?

23 lives have been lost. I can only imagine the pain of the families and loved ones as I am hurting deeply and I didn’t personally lose anybody or anything.

3 heroic firemen have been killed. These men were someone’s son, father, brother and friend and they did not come home. What if it was yours?

And recent figures show 1 BILLION animals have been killed in the blaze. Here come the tears again.

Most people cry understandably at the loss of a pet. Australia just lost hundreds of millions of our pets from our big backyard.

The sheer destruction of these bushfires is incomprehensible.

In Australia, we have redefined what a superhero really is.
We have dedicated men and women who risk their lives without fame nor reward nor a cape or costume to save their own homes and the homes of people they have never even met.

Thank you to each and every one of you and your families for the sacrifice you have willingly chosen to make, we are honored to bear small witness to your supreme bravery.

For a week straight I have been running my own process and using my own tools to deal with the emotions this has brought up and has me asking the only question I know that can help quell this kind of pain.

At this moment I am in absolute awe of everyone around the world as we come together with tremendous spirit with displays and outbursts of unconditional love, generosity, kindness, charity, and goodwill.

It is staggering I have never seen so much love being shared in Australia as I am witnessing right now. So much love, so much generosity so much goodwill.

We are Australia and we are unstoppable, we are resilient and we will come back from this bigger, stronger, wiser and more conscious of things that need to be done.

Action needs to be taken.

And the best action we can all take right now is to continue to support our mates, friends and families and people we have never met. Support the recovery of our communities and our native wildlife as there are millions lined up in need right now.

Let’s help these people rebuild their lives so they too have the best chance of coming back stronger than ever.

Why? Because it is the right thing to do.

Our fundraising campaign

With so many charities to support it’s sometimes hard to know who are the best services to give generously to, so we have spent days researching who to align and support.

These are causes both dear to my heart and I am personally donating $100,000 across these two worthy charities.

We will be supporting WIRES, Australia’s biggest wildlife rescue organisation.
My heart breaks for our innocent furry friends who’ve been lost in the fires, and our beautiful Koala’s are on the verge of extinction and scientists believe some species have been completely wiped out.
Many animals that have survived the fires are left with a long, slow, expensive recovery, which is why we need to defend those that don’t have a voice in this.

You can donate to WIRES Wildlife Information and Rescue here.

We will also be supporting Rural Fire Service in New South Wales, and the Country Fire Authority in Victoria.
These Super Heros, these men, and women work tirelessly around the clock and risk their lives for our safety and for that, we owe them immense thanks.

And you can donate to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service here.

I understand not everyone can/wants to donate via Facebook, so I want to share with you some organisations that are accepting donations and doing great work on the ground.

Places you can donate

New South Wales Rural Fire Service
Victorian Country Fire Authority
South Australia Country Fire Service

Families of firefighters killed:
Donate here.

Community groups:
Red Cross
Salvation Army
St Vincent de Paul

Wildlife rescue:
World Wildlife Fund
Warriors for Wildlife

Volunteering and non-monetary donations

If you want to help without donating money, there are still some extremely worthwhile things you can do.

Airbnb is calling on people to offer their empty holiday homes and spare rooms to provide accommodation for people who have been evacuated with the fires.

Givit are making a list of everyday items they need donating and have a map of all the dropoff centers around Australia.

You can also knit little pouches for our baby kangaroos, wallabies, and possums who have lost their mums. WIRES have information on the sizes they need and where they can be sent.

And as with any national disaster, we have many people sick and injured and the Red Cross needs blood donors during this crisis. See their website for info on eligibility and where you can go to donate.

Kerwin Rae