How do you see yourself? What is your identity when it comes to health?

Some would say – I’m just not a healthy person. I’m a health conscious person but I’m not a healthy person. I like health but I’m not into health. I like to be healthy but I don’t want to do healthy things.

I think the biggest challenge that most people have when it comes improving their health is the fact that they can’t get over where they are right now, and they are so obsessed with where they are right now that they can’t see the fucking light.

They can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The biggest challenge for the most of us is that we need to accept where we’re are right now.

‘’But Kerwin I don’t want to accept where am I right now’’.

And that’s why you are where you are. Because whatever you resist will persist.

Without a shadow of doubt the healthier you are, the more energy you have and more time you have for work and for family. The healthier you are, the greater mental health you have. Which means your ability to deal with stress is greater. Your ability to deal with conflict is greater.

And as a consequence what happens to the business? It becomes healthier as well. And then what happens to your team? They become healthier as well.

This not a destination event. This is about making it a way of life.

How do we daily apply a level of self-awareness and a level of consciousness to our everyday life? It all starts with self.

Kerwin Rae