Healing power of Meditation and Intermittent fasting

“Meditation doesn’t do anything for me”
“Diet and health have no room in my lifestyle”

The same excuses recycled, it’s easy convincing yourself this is the truth. But when I have an #Unstoppable guest, like Mark Bunn discussing and breaking down these sorry excuses, it really makes you think, do people even want to better themselves if they aren’t hearing this?

Mark Bunn takes us down an educational limitless hole of why mental and physical health is key to high performance and taking your life into your own hands. From professional AFL football to Ayurvedic medicine, Mark has been on a journey of self-fulfilment and health, and is now here to share his stories with us!

Providing powerful intermittent fasting techniques for your specific body type, along with healthy daily routines from a professional Ayurvedic medicine background, Mark and I get deep into meditation and why people can’t commit, and the phenomenon of nude sunbathing. This is definitely an information BOMB of an episode!

In this episode, you will learn:
    • 03:05 From professional AFL player to find the World of transcendental meditation and Ayurvedic medicine
    • 12:10 Healthy morning/afternoon routines – when to eat, exercise and sleep
    • 15:29 Ayurvedic medicine and health; how you should actually be intermittent fasting
    • 20:00 How to know if you are over-fasting
    • 26:00 3 types of meditation focused, open-monitoring, transcendental meditation
    • 29:40 Why people can’t meditate, the “honeybee analogy”
    • 38:05 The power of sunlight exposure and sun-gazing

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