Who has literally seen people that just make themselves busy for no real point other than just being busy?

It’s almost a sickness.

I would go as far as to say it’s an addiction because people who are busy just thrive off the endorphins, dopamine and chemical rushes.

There’s this old saying that sometimes gets lost in translations which says, “If you want to be successful you have to be willing to work”.

So if that were true, who feels like they have the right to be successful even though they haven’t achieved what they want to achieve because they’re working really f#cking hard?

Let me break it to you… Hard work is not the key to success, it’s not, it is an incredibly important ingredient but it’s not the answer because if hard work was the key to success there’d be a lot more people who would be a lot more successful than what they are.

Who got into business because they wanted more freedom? How’s that working for you?

Do you know where real freedom in business comes from?

When the important things that you’re responsible for become automatic behaviours.

You need to have discipline but also you want to make sure you have structures set up to support it.

Discipline and structure creates a habit and it’s the habit that sets you free.

Kerwin Rae