14TH-Grit is the ability to suffer

Becoming the best at anything is never just a walk in the park. Why? Because it hurts to become the best.

But what determines your ability to pursue things that cause pain is your ability to suffer.

I’ll say that again…

Grit is the ability to suffer.

I think Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “The reps don’t start until the pain does”.

David Schnarch, one of the top marriage therapists in the world says, “Marriage doesn’t start until the problems do”.

To me, business doesn’t start until you fail. Then you start learning how to be a businessperson. Then you start learning how to be an entrepreneur.

Buddha said, “Life is pain. Suffering is optional”.

To me, I know that pain is present and that’s okay because it’s teaching me something.

If you wanna be the best parent in the world, you’ve got to be willing to deal with a ton of pain, because you gotta sit there in the sh*t storm of the meltdowns, and just be present, be calm, and not allow them to push your buttons.

You wanna be the greatest at relationships, then you need to be the one that has to eat more sh*t than any other on the planet. You know why? Because when your partner is spitting sh*t at you and you know it’s not true, and you can prove it’s not true. But you have to shut up and just eat it. And go, “I understand, I get it.”

If you wanna be the best business person in the world, you have to learn how to eat sh*t for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and learn how to go, “Mmmmm… nutty”.

A person with low consciousness will see pain for what it is, suffering.

A person with a higher consciousness will see pain for what it is, which is growth.

Both are true. The only thing that determines the reality is the consciousness of the individual.

The person with the highest consciousness will prevail.


Kerwin Rae