Good culture: the honey pot for amazing talent

Your business culture is so much more than words on a wall or how much people are paid. Your culture is your identity, and how you do what you do everyday reflects it.

So how do you attract strong talent that align with your culture?

You create an amazing strong culture with what you’ve got first, and that attracts the amazing new talent. Create an incredible environment that attracts the talent, an environment that people want to be around and the rest will follow.

Think of talent like bees who fly around looking for sweet stuff. You gotta be the honeypot.

Every single report and research paper out there indicates that highly talented individuals are more motivated by a work environment than they are by a paycheck.

I have experienced this myself and for me is, unanimously correct. You gotta be the honeypot.

Something else that comes up in studies around the issue of culture and retention rates is, I’ll paraphrase here (but this is close), ‘every time a business replaces a salaried employee, it costs 6 to 9 months’ salary, on average.’ Ouch!

So it’s really important to get culture, including inclusiveness and equity in the workplace right because the cost of poor retention is high in the overall scheme of business. You don’t want to lose your profit margin to recruitment and retraining costs.

What I’m saying is you need to focus on creating the most incredible environment that attracts those talented, inquisitive, amazing bees to your already amazing culture.

Next, how do you expose that culture to that incredible talent? You create a vlog, social media content, authentic, transparent content, that you can show to the rest of the world.

When you do that, which is what we do, then you get inundated with people that are looking for a job and to work in an environment that is really cool.

The people that work for you start telling other people, “The work environment we have is amazing”.

Create an environment that sticks, but ultimately, focus on you as a leader because you as a leader is what will determine the level of vibe and the culture that you create.

Kerwin Rae