12-17-Gift from death and mourning

With death and mourning there’s a counterbalance. Almost two completely different things – but similar.

Grief needs to be experienced, psychologically, metaphysically and energetically, it’s the transition of energies that come up and have to be released from the body. I think when we suppress grief it gets trapped in our body – and what we repress and suppress gets expressed in unhealthy ways.

You must grieve and you have to grieve. It’s a really healthy part of the process, and if you don’t you’re actually extending the grieving process because you won’t be fully transitioning into the next stage emotionally, energetically and psychologically.

I’ve experienced an unusual amount of death, and one of the things I’ve learned is, it’s a very important experience and the more we express grief, the more it’s released from us and then it can leave us. The more we hang onto it, the more we continue to experience it.

Whenever I go through any sort of pain, every now and then, I still cry. It’s rare, but I do. Would you agree that there’s nothing better than a good sob?

There’s so much relief that comes from it. If we hold that emotion back then we don’t get that feeling of complete relief.

The Counterbalance
The next thing I do is appreciate and focus on the gifts I’ve gained – the counterbalance.

We all experience loss – loss of companionship, loss of personality traits, loss of an energy… when we counterbalance that with the benefits of this person having been in our lives we can start asking ourselves, ‘What am I grateful for?’

And start thinking of all the gifts we received in that experience. Then you literally count your blessings. If you think of only the loss you miss out on understanding, and how much they brought to your life and what you have gained.

Death is a game of proximity, proximity to you.

The closer the person is to you, means the proximity to the nerve and the emotion is also closer; so more grief will come up and it will be harder to counterbalance that grief. This insight comes from my experiencing an unusual amount of death and grieving. Grief has its own path, its own timeline. You can never say, ‘Well, I’ll be finished with this on Friday’.

From losing others and from almost losing my own life several times, I’ve become a lot more present. The awareness of the present and that death as an outcome is guaranteed, none of us are getting out of this alive – none of us – death comes to us all.

We are all going to die, the only thing we don’t know is when. It could be today, tomorrow, or it could be in another 10, 20 or 50 years, depending on where you are on your journey.

12-17-Gift from death and mourning1

The gifts of death and mourning
What I do know is, death is guaranteed and when you start experiencing death and mortality around you, it makes you more grateful for the time that you have and the time you have with others. For me, this is one of the greatest gifts of death.

Another incredible gift of death is, it increases our ability to embrace life. If you’re really interested you can read the Tibetan book of ‘Living and Dying’, it talks about embracing death as a concept so we can truly be free.

Some people live in fleeting states of fear, afraid they might hurt themselves, or in the extreme that they’re going to die. If you can confront and embrace the fact that you are going to get hurt, feel pain, and eventually you are going to die, then you can start to live a little bit more energetically, a little bit more outwardly, and you start to really experience everything life has to offer.

Most people tip toe their way through life trying to get to death safely. For me, when I get to death I want be there skinny and sideways, I want to be banged up, I want to make sure I’ve red lined this puppy to it’s limit and really lived and had the greatest experience I can.

The more gifts you can appreciate from experiencing a death, then the shorter the grieving process will be. The grieving process is required for the energy to be transmuted from the emotions that come up as a result of that connection being transformed.

It’s a transmutation, it’s alchemy, the greatest form of alchemy is death.

And now… I’m out there to red line it!

Kerwin Rae