So when we look at planning, what is planning of a major function of?

It’s major function of leadership and cultural development. There are three things that fundamentally underpin planning.

Key number one: Structure

You’ve got to have a structure to follow, not just to plan, not just to review, but also to execute.

Key number two: Discipline

The second key is discipline. Structure without discipline doesn’t exist. Structure without discipline is nothing more than a concept. And who knows people that when you share stuff with them they go ‘’Oh yeah I know that’’. But they’re not doing that.

By applying these two things in order for an extended period of time, what happens naturally?

It resolves structure and discipline.

Key number three: Planning

The third key to successful planning is routine. What is routine? It’s just something that happens on a regular basis. When you do all that consistently, what does planning become? It becomes a habit. And when something’s a habit, what does it become? Easy, it becomes an automatic behaviour.

You know, people say to me, ‘’Kerwin, how come you’re so motivated?”.

Because it’s automatic.

‘’What do you do to motivate yourself?’’

I open my fucking eyes.

‘’How is it when you open your eyes, you’re so motivated?’’

Because it’s a fucking habit.

You know, I literally fucking program my brain just to wake up and be ready to go. Even under the most extenuating circumstances, planning is about getting the business story straight.

But without the structure, the discipline, and the routines, it won’t become a habit and if it’s not a habit, it’ll be something that you do intermittently which will create a high level of, in some cases, uncertainty.

Who wants to do things that most people can’t? Get your head in the game.

Kerwin Rae