24TH-Get comfortable with criticism in 2019

Whatever other people think of us is none of our business. However, criticism is like any other form of stress or trigger. The more we expose ourselves to it the more tools we have to regulate the emotions and the stress when it happens and the easier it is to deal with.

I think people assume that the more successful you become the less criticism you get. What I’ve found is that the more successful you become, the more visible you are and that has the potential to attract more criticism and the potential to attract more haters.

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In Australia we have tall poppy syndrome, we love the Aussie battler until he’s rich and successful and then he’s a pedophile or a drug dealer. Some people find success a threat.

We’ve got to become comfortable with the idea that not everyone is going to like us. In fact, some people are going to cross that boundary of verbalising some form of criticism.

Let’s be honest, we’re mammals and the ultimate driver of a mammal is connection and that kind of rejection is going to have an impact, it is going to be a trigger. So it’s up to us to learn how to reassociate a meaning around those rejections. That’s gonna enable us to build strength.

It’s not about learning how to run away from the criticism it’s about learning how to stand in the rain, the criticism is the rain, learn how to dance in the rain.

And if you can dance in the rain it doesn’t matter what the weather is you’ll be able to have fun.

Hope that helps!



Kerwin Rae