From near death to becoming Unstoppable

Imagine been hit by a truck at 65kmph while cycling, to look death straight in the face and come back to tell your story.

This is what happened to Marcus Smith, extreme athlete, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and coach, back in 2018.

Marcus has a competitive sporting background playing professional rugby since 18 years old, participating in the 2009 IRB Rugby Sevens World Cup. After retiring in 2010, he moved into CrossFit and endurance challenges. His achievements include running 250km self-supported ultra-marathon in the Sahara Desert, 230km ultra in Kenya, running 30 marathons in 30 days and ran a 42.2 km trail race on the Volvic Volcano in France just 4 months after his accident.

In this episode on Unstoppable, I speak with this amazingly resilient and brave human being, who came back from death to tell people that everything happens for a reason, and we all can develop grit to achieve anything we want in life.

In this episode, you will learn:
    • 01:35 – Marcus’s history and how he started his journey in sports
    • 07:57 – Starting his professional career in sports
    • 12:05 – Developing the mental resilience to endure pain
    • 18:30 – The story of his near-death experience and how he overcame it
    • 26:52 – Accepting why things happen, the change of mentality and the training to recover.
    • 33:32 – How to deal with pain. Can resilience be taught?
    • 46:25 – How to change the mind switch and start doing better in life
    • 54:54 – His documentary “Fight for every breath” and the importance of men expressing their emotions.

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