Hattie Boydle

 From eating disorder to world champion 

After losing her friend in a freak accident while in high school, Hattie Boydle fought to regain control of her life but instead found herself in a spiral of depression and an eating disorder leaving her weighing only 26kg. Fast forward to today Hattie is a pro fitness model, Australia’s first WBFF title holder and owner of popular online fitness and coaching programme, The Sports Model Project.

On this episode of Unstoppable we unravel Hattie’s mental health and fitness journey to becoming a world champion against all odds. This story shows, truly nothing is impossible.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • 9:40 Calisthenics in professional bodybuilding
  • 10:54 Hattie’s Eating disorder spiralling out of control
  • 20:29 What Hattie learned while being in hospital
  • 32:50 Strength training to help deal with pain
  • 41:48 Hattie’s rituals that lead her to success
  • 44:45 Finding a life balance in the health and fitness industry

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