Four tips to create killer content

When it comes to social media, quality content is king and we are about to embark on the latest Fast Growth Summit to prove it yet again.

People are rapidly pulling their advertising dollars from TV, print and radio in a bid to pay content marketers and social platforms hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions to come up with creative concepts and push reach to capture the attention of the 2.4 billion people active on social media.

If you’re not already creating content for social media, you just have to start because if you don’t you are about to get screwed.  And not in a romantic way, think Shawshank redemption.

But it doesn’t have to cost you thousands.

You just have to give people information that will help them, information they want, you have to create content that people actually want to consume. Otherwise it won’t get any reach, any engagement or any chance of eventually converting into a lead then possible sale.

Here are my top four tips to get you started when it comes to creating killer content.

Tip 1: Add value

Give people something for nothing. It’s that simple.  Give them a result before they even do business with you.

Show them how to get a result without parting with a single dollar.  This not only creates goodwill it also demonstrates you are a specialist , an expert in your field and that kinda positioning is priceless.  

Add value to people’s newsfeed, timelines and their life by giving them practical and helpful information, knowledge, ideas and content that enriches, empowers, entertains and educates.

Before you publish ANYTHING, you need to be asking yourself, ‘How will this help people and is there real value in this content?’

Pro tip: Video is 1.8 times more likely to lead to a sale, so when it comes to adding value, video should play a big role in your strategy.

Tip 2: Create content that sparks conversation

Don’t be afraid to spark debate, conversation or provoke opinions – that my friend is called ENGAGEMENT and engagement is the aim of the game. Because the more interaction we can have with our audience, the more likely they are to convert into real paying clients.

More engagement also means that your content is likely to get shared, and shared content is FIVE TIMES more likely to result in a sale.

I’m a big fan of pushing the boundaries, and by doing so I polarise a few people,  I know I’m not for everyone’s taste but if people feel compelled to react, comment or even challenge my views I know I’ve captured their attention enough for them to take an action, and action on social media is everything, it drives your reach.

You want to make that much of an impact on your followers that they can’t help but talk about what they’ve read, watched or heard with their friends and family.

Get the conversation started.

Tip 3: Demonstrate expertise  

Any content you publish needs to demonstrate that you’re an absolute expert in your field.

You must be able to genuinely prove you are a specialist with real valuable content not just puff and bravado.

You show this by doing the above two pointers really well, but also by drawing on your knowledge and expertise in your market or field, in every piece of content you create.

People want to be lead by others stronger than them in particular areas, they want to know that if they work with you, that you are at the top of your game and are going to look after them better than anyone else because you know your shit.

Focus on your strengths don’t try to make shit up just to please everyone.

Tip 4: Be authentic

I’ve said this a lot. Be yourself because everyone else is taken.  Just be real. There’s enough phonies on social media and people can usually spot a fake a mile away.

If people have never met or worked with you, chances are they will form their opinion of you based on how you come across in the content that you publish, and if it’s too robotic they may feel you lack substance. And let’s be honest, no one wants to do business with someone who tries too hard to be something that they’re not.

Just be real. People want to see that you’re human – the good, the bad and the ugly.  And I know my audience LOVES hearing about all my fuck ups and mistakes because they can relate to that more than they can relate to my success in most cases.

So if you can get these basics right, you’re one step closer to getting more eyes on your content, and more eyeballs means more ROI.

But if you’re serious about taking your content marketing to the next level, it’s crucial to understand the landscape of social media.

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