Four simple tips to grow your social media following

At this year’s Fast Growth Summit Social Media Series I’m literally going to fill your brain with so much information that you’re never going to look at online marketing, or marketing in general for that matter, in the same way ever again.

But not only am I going to load you up with the ammunition to blow up your own social space, I’m also going to break it down and make it as simple as possible for you.

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “Kerwin, how can I grow my online followers?”

If you’re wanting to expand your business, capture and engage with more customers, and ultimately grow your bottom line, here’s four simple tips to get you started.

Cross channel promotion

Use each of your platforms to cross promote each other. For example if I’m doing something epic on Snapchat, every now and then I’ll jump on Facebook and tell my friends and my followers to join me on Snapchat. I’ll tell them to come and join me for a behind-the-scenes, and I’ll drop my Snap handle and Snap code – boom more followers. But I won’t flood the feed. I’ll only do it like maybe once or twice a month.

Create unique content

If you’re putting the same picture on Instagram, as you are on Facebook and all of your other platforms, then people are only going to follow you in one place, for example only on Instagram. You want to be creating unique content for every platform so that they have a reason to go to each platform.

Understand what the best content is for the best platform

Facebook is a lot more about video. And they’re driving longer form video by optimising their algorithm to really push and promote it. Instagram is becoming video orientated too but they’re more shorter videos. Snapchat is all about behind-the-scenes, so short snippets of content. Always create content that has the potential to get shared. And remember always think visually – visual content is what you want to be focusing on.

Time of the day

It’s all about timing. For example 63% of Australians go on social media after work in the evening, 49% first thing in the morning, 36% at lunchtime and 35% last thing before bed, breaks during work and commuting. So factor timing into your social media strategy.

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