Followers vs Community

If your friend walked up to you in the middle of a busy street and said “Hi,” chances are you wouldn’t turn your back and walk the other way, right?

Chances are, you would say hi back, and would probably spend a few minutes engaging with them and shooting the shit for a bit.

Building a thriving account on social media is no different.

We’ve got to stop looking at followers as numbers, and start looking at them as people we care about who are invested in the community and culture we are creating online.

We do this with engagement.

Here’s a tip – engagement trumps over following every time.

Because you can have a million followers but no engagement. That’s the equivalent of having a million people walk past your shop every day, but not a single one of them looks through your window, let alone walks through the door to see what’s on the shelf.

There’s no point having followers if they’re not engaged. Because the less engagement, the less likely the action. The more engagement, the more likely they are to act and then purchase.

So how do you engage with your audience? Exactly how you would engage with anyone of your friends.

You reply to all of their messages in a timely manner. You like every comment. You reply to their comments. You thank them. You encourage them. You uplift them. And you add even more value with your responses.

The more you engage with your audience, the stronger your relationship with your community will be.

I’d much rather a smaller thriving community who are engaged, over a massive social media following who sound like crickets.

Because at the end of the day, relationships are the cornerstone of business.

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Kerwin Rae