One of the most important things that you can do to grow your brand and your profile is focus on position.

Now, position to me is different from brand. Brand and position, are completely separate subjects.

Position is about doing two things really well. Firstly, it’s all about demonstrating authority, and we demonstrate authority by focusing on the things we’re very strong in and avoiding the things that we’re very weak on. By demonstrating our strength to such a level, we become an authority in our field.

The second part to great positioning is all about is the ability to demonstrate that you are a deliberate human being and not desperate. Someone who is desperate will work with anyone and everyone. Their selection criteria is very low.

Someone who is very deliberate will be cautious and careful about who they choose to work with because they understand the ramifications of choosing the wrong people.

If you want to grow your position in your market, focus on your strength and demonstrate a high level of being deliberate – don’t be desperate. It’s not attractive.

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Kerwin Rae