Who’s heard people saying and being really proud of the fact that they’re great multi-taskers?

Okay, science has proven without a shadow of a doubt that multi-taskers are far less effective than those who focus on one thing.

It’s not about removing the whole concept of multitasking. It’s about understanding what multitasking is, which for most people is a highly sophisticated model of distraction.

Because they’ve convinced themselves that it works and it doesn’t.

I think it’s really important that you know, we learn how to develop, you know, a mental agility that enables us to be able to deal with multiple things at any one time.

But when it comes to execution, we need to understand what I refer to as ‘the one thing mentality,’ which is learning how to remove all of the distractions, all of this, all of this stuff that you’re using to distract yourself so you can focus on the one thing.

Because if you do one thing, and you do it really well, you will move forward faster than anything else.

It’s essentialism thinking.

Kerwin Rae