My favourite strategy for raising capital

Here’s a tip. If you’re in business or are thinking about getting into business, learn how to sell.

One of the questions that comes up a lot on my #HeyKerwin show, is how to raise capital, and often times people think banks and investors are the only option.

Here’s my favourite type of capital – it’s the one I go to every fucking time, SALES!

Sell something! Selling will set you free.

Start generating cash flow and prove that your business, your product, or your service can actually work.

Because here’s the thing, even if you are looking for capital, if you have no sales you’re not going to be very attractive for potential investors. You’re going to be like the ugly duckling at the ball – no one is going to ask you to dance if you’ve got a face full of smashed hammers.

Selling will give you the feedback to be able to identify what needs to change so you can develop your business further and understand what your market really wants.

And guess what happens then? It enables you to sell more!

If you can sell, you can get some real feedback.

The reason why I love cash or sales as a funding strategy is because it lets you know if your business is going to work. And for those who are really dedicated to a quality sales process, and who also have a good product or service, you will actually be able to get to a point where you are self-funded.

And that is the key to create freedom.

As an added bonus, you get a lot more options when it comes to getting further funding because you will be able to apply a much higher level of scrutiny to investors that are coming in because you’re not going to be desperate.

If you don’t have sales, chances are you will take money from anyone.

Get good at sales. Sales WILL set you free.

So, are your selling skills up to scratch?

Kerwin Rae