Failure is success in progress, let me give you an example of this.

I started training with a calisthenics trainer and he gets the absolute pleasure of annihilating me three or four times a week.

So he tells me to do 12 reps (repetitions) or as many as you can.

I’ll get up there and do one to ten, thinking he said twelve, and I’m done and I drop off the bar at ten.

And I’ll be, “For f*ck sake!”

And he asks me, “Did you train to failure?”

I said, “Yes.”

He says, “Then you succeeded. Training to failure is success, because there’s no more in the tank.”

So, the takeaway is, working to failure is the key.

It’s not until we fail do we develop the strength we need to attempt the next set, or the next round or the next session.

Everytime you fail it is nothing more that the gift of skill, knowledge and experience being brought to your awareness.

What we’ve got to look at is most people’s response to it.

What is most people’s response to the gift of failure?

When we fail we think it’s bad, we think it’s wrong. Whereas it’s actually there by design. You have to fail, and if you’re not failing you’re not doing your job.

My question then is, “What is your relationship with failure?”

And the better your relationship is with failure, the more you communicate with yourself about failure all of a sudden failure is no longer failure anymore.

Things start going wrong and you go, “Awesome, right?”

Sh*t hits the fan and I’m like awesome, “Let’s debrief it, what did we learn? What’s the benefit of this? What’s the benefit of this? What skills, knowledge and experience do I now have that I didn’t have?”

Imagine if you approached life like that every day where failure was something that you got pumped about?

If you lose – you’ve f***ing won.

You’ve got to lose in order to win. Losing is the key. The more you lose the stronger you get.

The more load you put on the bar the stronger you’ll come out the other side. Every point of resistance right now is building you up.

And if you think what you’re dealing with right now hurts, just wait.

This is not about the absence of pain or problems, this is about developing the abundance of skills, the psychology that’s required to literally attack every scenario with the vigour and the energy in order to fulfill what you’re here to do and express the potential that you’ve got.

Kerwin Rae