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On  February 23 2016 I set out on a life-changing mission that would alter my business and my entire life forever – I called it The Social Experiment.  

I want to share with you how I’ve made over $12 million on Facebook alone in just over 12 months. But first, here’s some numbers from just what has happened on Facebook since we started The Social Experiment that will make your head spin…

  • We’ve reached: 251,301,868 people around the world
  • Our video views:  Exceeded over 86,489,254
  • Organic views: Of the number above, over 51 million are organic views
  • Clicks on our content: 16,788,868
  • Direct engagement: With 12,862,458 people
  • New page likes: 285,475

You’re probably thinking, “Whatever Kerwin, there’s no way our business can bring in those results”.

And don’t worry, just over a year ago I was the same. But I knew that with over 2.3 billion people active on social media globally, it was sink or swim. So I made it my business to do everything I could to understand and attempt to master social media.

Here’s four incredibly easy Facebook hacks to get you started…

Facebook native video

Facebook native video posts get 70% more reach and double the engagement of YouTube links

It is in Facebook’s best interest to keep views and users on their platform and that affects how they distribute content.  I can’t stress how important this is. If you’re not making videos you need to start. Video is king on social media, especially on Facebook. And trust me, you don’t have to be a pro. Get real and authentic on a topic, add value to people’s newsfeed, be an authority in your field and watch your engagement grow.

Pictures shared from Instagram

Pictures posted on Instagram that are shared on Facebook get more reach

This is because Instagram is owned by Facebook so it appears a level of special treatment is applied when sharing across the two platforms. This is also a great way to repurpose content. Select an impacting, or entertaining image that’s captioned well on Instagram and share to Facebook to utilise greater reach.  Please note this only works on your first 4 posts per week before the reach starts to wain.

Share from Page to Profile

Shares from your page to your personal profile can increase reach

Do you have more friends on your personal profile than you do followers on your business page? Such a simple hack but even just sharing a post from your company’s page to your personal Facebook page can have a huge impact on your ability to reach more people.

Video captions

Adding captions to your videos

Get this, 82% of people watch video in silence – use CAPTIONS. You will be getting a lot more eyeballs on your clips as people like to watch in bed, at work and on public transport. Use captions.  

Fast Growth Summit Social Media Series

In my Fast Growth Summit Social Media Series tour, I’ll show you exactly what I did to generate over $12 million on Facebook, $400,000 on Snapchat and $40,000 on Instagram.

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Kerwin Rae