Extreme ownership is about owning every single ripple in the pond that comes from the pebbles that you dropped.

Very rarely do people want to accept responsibility for the things that are going wrong, and very often they want to accept responsibility for the things that are going right.

The truth is the power is in accepting responsibility across the board. I like to call it extreme ownership because if there’s any part of your business right now that isn’t working and you’re blaming anyone else except for you, you are not getting the lesson.

Ownership and extreme ownership aren’t even in the same fucking category. Ownership is someone who goes, “You know, I take responsibility for that”. Extreme ownership is someone that goes, “I take responsibility for fucking everything, it’s all my fault and I’m willing to accept that. Yeah, I’m not doing my job and I want to apologise.”

But the challenge is that most people want to blame.

You need to learn how to accept extreme levels responsibility in every single area of your life.

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If there’s one thing I love more than anything else, it’s personal responsibility. I will work with someone who takes responsibility far longer than I will work with someone who plays in blame.

When you observe extreme ownership and action, what has been the feeling you were left with? Energised? Inspired?

I don’t know about you but who would like to inspire more people around them?

Kerwin Rae