Recently I did an interview on Ethics in sales to promote our upcoming Fast Growth Summit Australian Tour.

And it got me thinking about ethics in a very new and different way.

Shocking fact is, I have lost count of how many people have said to me they believe “Selling is unethical”.

This extremely dangerous belief is so incredibly destructive that it warrants attention.

Here’s my take:

When you have someone in front of you who has a proven need for what you have to offer.

And there is compelling evidence that their problem is REAL and isn’t an assumption.

If the impact from their problem is measurable in some way either:

  • Financially (losing money which is significantly more than the cost of your solution)
  • Mentally (stressed out, freaked out, fearful or fried)
  • Physically (problem is now affecting their health) or
  • Family (less time with wife & kids, more fights over the problem – pending divorce)

When you have that situation, I am of the belief that it is unethical to let that person walk out without trying everything in your toolbox to persuade them ethically to “Buy Now”.

I’m not saying NOW it is OK to lie or cheat. I’m talking ethical tools of persuasion.

Think of it this way.

If you HAD the cure for a terminal disease and the person you were speaking to has that disease but wasn’t convinced your cure “was right for them”.

What would you do? Would you let them walk out of there? What would you do if it was your loved one?

How driven would you be to ensure they got their hands on your “cure”?

Would you be learning, by any means necessary, what you had to do to persuade them?

Would you try to discover how to become more influential so they would “see the light” and make the right choice?

How committed would you be especially if they were your loved one?

I understand this is an EXTREME example and I use it to make an extreme point.

Many businesses are going broke because they don’t have the skills to persuade people who genuinely NEED what they have.

And most don’t know how to tell the difference between someone who genuinely needs what they have vs. someone who wants what you have because they got a crazy idea.

This is your chance to learn the tools you need to overcome your “Sales Challenges“.

Kerwin Rae