Becoming a leader is what business is all about and becoming great as an entrepreneur is what leadership is about.

Becoming great in your industry, becoming a great parent, becoming a great human being, having great health, all of those things require self leadership and self management.

All of those things require self directedness.

Most people are looking at leadership as an external game, it’s not. It’s an internal one.

It’s self directed.

It’s self managed.

And it’s self led.

And when you self direct, self manage and self lead you set an example for people to…


And you become a leader.


A boss, externally directs, externally manages and externally tells people what to do, “You do this, you do that now.”

Demand and conquer is not leadership to me, for me that equates to management.

When you stay on your side of the street and focus on you being the best leader you can be, others naturally follow, others become naturally inspired. Others will naturally gravitate towards you and ask you questions and come to you for advice.

We don’t graduate people into leadership lightly in our organisation.

Once upon a time we used to hand out leadership badges just based on people clocking over their first year, and after a couple of years we realised it just didn’t work that way.

Handing out black belts like that you create paper tigers, and paper tigers don’t last in battle – they get torn up.

The only way you become a real tiger is by earning your stripes.

You’ve got to earn your stripes to become a tiger.



Kerwin Rae