Do you know why we laugh at comedian’s jokes? How can someone predict your behaviour from just knowing your friends? Or why the person you love drives you occasionally crazy? 

Well, the secret is just one, YOUR BRAIN. 

In this episode of Unstoppable, I talk to the neuroscientist and former hacker, Dr Moran Cerf. He is also a business professor at the Kellog School of Management at Northwestern University in the USA. He holds multiple patents and has published over 60 academic papers in journals such as Nature, and has contributed to magazines including Forbes and The Atlantic.  His research uses methods from neurosciences to understand the underlying mechanisms of our psychology, behaviour changes, decision making, and dreams. Much of his research has received widespread attention thanks to his involvement with well-known content channels including PopTech, TED, TEDx, Google Zeitgeist and other venues getting millions of views.

If you’re a marketer, filmmaker, entrepreneur or speaker, and you want to know how your brain works, how to communicate effectively, what makes a good speaker, and even get the secret formula to deliver the perfect presentation without losing people’s attention, this is the podcast you need.

In this episode you will learn:

  • 00:00 – Who is Dr Moran Cerf?
  • 04:10 –  How does the brain work? 
  • 05:52 – The 2 most common mistakes people make in marketing when trying to influence others
  • 08:18 – The structure of the brain and how it affects our decision making
  • 13:41 – How to communicate effectively to your audience
  • 16:37 – This is what good speakers do when giving a speech
  • 20:36 – The importance of breaks when trying to engage people and delivering a message
  • 24:40 – How to engage novelty and intrigue in an effective way
  • 28:52 – The ultimate formula to deliver a message effectively
  • 37:36 – How to capture people’s attention and keep them engaged
  • 41:58 – Why we interest in other people’s emotions
  • 45:23 – How to use social proof for the good

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