Shakti Durga

Depressed lawyer to spiritual guru

Kim Fraser was a high flying lawyer, who from the outside looked like she had it all. But secretly, the mother-of-one was battling depression all while going through a toxic divorce – a far cry from the spiritual master who goes by the name of Shakti Durga today. Her story of enlightenment is one like no other.

In this episode, Shakti Durga opens up about her journey, while giving us expert insight into chakras, manifestation and divine states of being. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, this podcast is one you’ll learn something from.

This episode, we talk about how to deal with failure and create discipline, and why you should pick work ethic over talent. There is SO MUCH value in this one guys! Keep listening!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • 6:02 How meditation and a spiritual awakening changed the life of a divorced barrister
  • 15:23 Breaking past the ‘logical’ mind to understand the spiritual world
  • 27:53 Understanding chakras, meditation, and soul dimensions
  • 31:43 Exploring mindfulness vs meditation, money as a spiritual vehicle and abundance hacks
  • 41:04 What profanity and addiction can mean in the spiritual world
  • 51:39 Taking the next step in your spiritual awakening

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