We need to learn to control meaning.

I’ve experienced an unusual amount of death in my life, so one of the things that I’ve learned to do is choose a different meaning when people die.

Most people lose someone they love at some point.

The meaning they often connect with this is, “This is bad, I’ve lost something I’m never going to get back”.

The meaning that I had to create was, “This is actually beautiful, this person who passed shared such an incredible life with all of us, they gave us so many gifts. I’m not sad that they left, I’m grateful that I got time to be with them’’.

We have the power to shape our reality with the meaning we choose to give things.

Another example of choosing the meaning could be if something blows up in business. It could be that you lose money and you think, “Oh my god this is f#cking terrible’’.

Of course in that situation is would be very easy to go to look at all of the negatives.

But in situations like that I’ve learnt to condition myself and go, “Wow this is a really valuable lesson, I’m actually really grateful’’.

What I’m teaching you how to do goes against every part of your primal wiring, but the freedom on the other side of that, your ability to deal on the other side of that is worth the price of entry.

Let’s choose a different meaning.

Kerwin Rae