The challenge that we have as entrepreneurs is dealing with stress, which happens on a regular basis. But also understanding the consequences of stress. You know, stress has this biochemical cascade or this biochemical reaction, that when it’s experienced the body releases this substance hormone called cortisol.

And cortisol, within seven minutes, has the ability to reduce your IQ by as much as 40-50%.

And so, when you are stressed and your body is releasing cortisol, and your IQ is compromised, you know, the last thing that you should be doing is running a business.

Because businesses require your full intellect. They require your full faculty, they require you to be, you know, making sound and good decisions and judgments in those moments. But when we’re stressed, not only is our perception jaded, but also our ability to make good decisions is compromised dramatically.

But when we understand that there is, there’s almost an antidote to stress. And the antidote to stress is called, DHEA, or the antidote to cortisol, I should say is DHEA. And DHEA is this chemical that?s released, this hormone that?s released in the adrenal glands.

And it can be released naturally and science tells us that when the body is in a state of natural gratitude the natural levels of DHEA in our bloodstream rise, automatically. So, when you consider that gratitude increases DHEA which counteracts cortisol, it’s important to bring that into the context of, ?How can we be grateful for the things that are stressing us right now??

And the way that we can experience gratitude based on the thing that are stressing us is by looking at the benefits of what’s actually happening.

Because I think far too often we look at something that happens and we consider it to be bad. Rather than looking at what’s happening and actually ask the question, “What is the benefit of this?”

Hindsight is a beautiful thing, but it’s often brought in two months, two years, six months, 10 months down the track where people look back at a bad event and then see the benefits moving forward and then they go, “You know what? I’m so glad that that happened”.

But imagine if you can elevate hindsight and bring it forward into the moment. Where you can be grateful for the things that are happening, bad and good, moment to moment, which will naturally increase your gratitude, naturally increase your DHEA. And diminish the effects that cortisol and stress can have on the body.

It just goes to show that if you count your blessings, you can create more.


Kerwin Rae