You know, I’ve said in previous videos that when I was young I used to suffer from severe anxiety.

And one of the things that was a really bad trigger for that anxiety was the prospect or the potential, or the reality of being rejected. But then along came me being in business. And I started to realize that this very thing that I was afraid of, was the very thing that was required in order for me to grow.

So, my relationship with rejection has changed a lot of the last 20 years. But one of the things that I can tell you: you need to learn how to manage your emotional response when you are rejected, or you are potentially going to be rejected.

You know, deep down, most people fear the prospect of being rejected by another human being. But that fear, we need to understand, is a choice. And that choice is a result of the meaning that we create based on the potential for rejection.

For me, rejection means that I?m getting one step closer to where it is that I want to go. So, now, rather than me being afraid of rejection, I actually embrace it. Because it gets me where I wanted to go. Embrace rejection.


Kerwin Rae