When people don’t succeed I ask them this question, “What is your relationship with failure?”

And I often get a very strange and weird look. The truth is, you have a relationship with failure. And the quality of that relationship will determine exactly how fast you grow and how fast you achieve the success that you’re after.

Most people’s relationship with failure is, “This is bad. This should not be happening to me. This only happens to other people. Why me? Why now? Why this?”

Whereas in truth the very failure that you’re experiencing in your life right now, all the problems in your life right now are by design, there to give you the skills that you need in order for you to get to the next level.

Your relationship with failure will determine whether this is a good thing or this is a bad thing. And if this is a bad thing you’ll try to suppress it, you’ll try to repress it, you’ll try to ignore it and it will repeat itself time and again.

You need to embrace the failure. You need to embrace the pain. You need to realise that very pain, that very thing, the very lessons that are being offered to you right now are what you have asked for in order to get to the next level.

Embrace the pain. Love the lesson. Take the failure. And do it anyway.

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Kerwin Rae