Self-sabotage. Interesting concept. Often overused, often very misunderstood.

We talk about the term self-sabotage and it seems quite prescriptive, someone who sabotages self.

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Now, what do you think are the two values that are often in conflict that most that typically affect everything?

The first one is relationships, which include family, which includes health because it’s a relationship with self.

And the second one is money.

They are the two greatest conflicting values.

Now, if you have a very high value on your relationships and those around you have a very high disregard for money, whether they call it evil or greedy or you know, in Australia we call the tall poppy syndrome, if you put those people, if you hold that relationship in a high regard and they resent money and they start seeing behaviours around the desire for, the pursuit for starting a business, what will that herd do?

How will that herd behave?

They will attack, they will reject and they will condemn.

What will you do in many cases unconsciously, even if you don’t like what they’re saying to you?

You’ll modify your behaviour to fit back in, and why do you think most people will allow themselves to fall back?

It’s comfortable, you know it, it’s predictable, it’s safe.

It’s really helpful to understand that safety is a primal behaviour that is rooted in eight billion years of evolution in your reptilian brain, which is governed by social order and social hierarchy.

Self-sabotage is an unconscious mechanism that your psychology uses to prevent rejection from your herd.

The quickest, fastest way to start to eliminate and remove self-sabotage from your environment is, you can do most of the work by doing one thing – hang around the right people, hang around the right people.

When you surround yourself with the right herd, the right herd will see when you’re not doing the things you should be and instead of them detracting you from the good things, they actually detract you from the bad things.

Your herd will make you or break you.

So, in order for you to go from where you are now to the next level, what do you think is required?

You need to seriously start examining the relationships in your life right now.

Please understand, I’m not asking you to never speak to your family or never speak to your friends again, I’m just suggesting examine how much time you spend with them because I guarantee you with 100% accuracy that the level of self-sabotage you’re experiencing right now is a direct reflection of the amount of time that you’re spending with people that see your progress as unacceptable.

This might be a big pill to swallow for some of you right now, but it’s really important to understand from a responsibility perspective that everything you have in your life right now is exactly what you’ve asked for, it’s exactly what you deserve.

If you want more, place a different order.

Kerwin Rae