Strategic Advice For Your Business: Kerwin Rae and his team specialise in providing customised strategic advice to small to medium sized businesses all over the world. With Kerwin’s direct advice adding over $130 Millions dollars to his clients businesses in over 154 different industries in 11 countries around the world over the last decade alone.

Kerwin is the go to guy for businesses, coaches and consultants and is considered one of the top small to medium business consultants in the world having trained over 500 coaches & consultants. Kerwin is not just a consultant he also owns a clutch of businesses and invests in businesses himself basing his advice on real world situations and challenges, focusing on easy to implement strategies & tactics, simple execution and bottom line results.

Due to Kerwin’s busy schedule and commitment to his family and existing clients consulting opportunities are by application only and there is very limited availability. Kerwin provides consulting in the following areas:

  • Fast Growth Strategies For Small to Medium Business
  • Traffic Generation – Online & Offline Marketing?
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • List Building & Remarketing
  • Sales Process Development, Training & Management?
  • Sales Script Development
  • Strategic Planning – The Fast Growth Framework
  • Cultural development In Small To Medium Business
  • Leadership in Small To Medium Businesses
  • Productivity & Effectiveness
  • Information Product Development (Content development & creation)
  • Personal Performance?

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