I promote consciousness as opposed to positive thinking. Consciousness has both positive and negative aspects to it and I’m okay with both.

For me it’s about balancing my thoughts out so the overriding arch of my mind moves in a positive direction based on the theme of ‘I’. I am, I am, I am not, I am.

I am a good person, I am not a bad person, I never remember people’s names, I am so smart, I never remember people’s names. I have a photographic memory, everything I see, smell, touch and read I recall with crystal clear accuracy.

For me, it’s more about identity of self, rather than it being a specific type of emotion – positive and negative.

Consciousness provides access to more information, the positive and the negative, which is the balance. However, consciousness requires discipline.

A few weeks ago I wasn’t practicing my rituals and I wasn’t meditating or being mindful. I’d torn my hamstring in the US, I was stuck in a hotel room and I couldn’t get out. I was eating donuts… and all of a sudden I noticed my thoughts. My thinking started to slide and my abdominals were going along for the ride.

So the strong discipline I usually have around exercise, nutrition, hydration and diet, I’d let slide.

If you’re not exercising the consciousness muscles on a regular basis then it’s very easy to slide into unconscious thinking and that’s where we can get into trouble and get onto a negative loop or even drive ourselves into depression.

For me, I think about almost every situation in a positive and negative frame, and am aware of imbalance in my perspective.

By seeing both positive and negative there’s greater opportunity for emotional balance because you tend to have less ups and downs. As something bad happens, you see the positive too, then something good happens, and you see the negative too.

Consciousness is the muscle you want to exercise here, if you don’t exercise it on a regular basis it gets a bit soft and it can open you up to undesirable ways of thinking.

Consciousness is a deliberate practice.

Hopefully that helps.

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Kerwin Rae