How do we make the most important things in our life, a way of life, so we don’t spend all of our life hoping that at some point we arrive and we have the things that we want?

Because when we look at creating a way of life, when it comes to health or relationships or whatever it is we’re trying to do, what’s step one?

Step one is all about consciousness and having a level of self-awareness around where you are right now, and when you look at where you are right now, what is your relationship with that?

But is it fair to say for many people when it comes to looking at their health, they do not want to apply any level of consciousness to it because they might be potentially afraid of what they will see?

Nobody cares about their health until they get to the doctor, and the doctor tells them they’ve got six months to live. Then all of a sudden health becomes a priority.

Nobody’s really interested in working on their relationship until their partner’s walking out the door. Then they want to go and get therapy.

We need to become conscious and self-aware of where our current state of health is now.

We need to pull our pants down on a cold day and look in the mirror and look at the truth of the scenario.

But there’s always an excuse, and I’ve heard it all – “ It could be worse, I know I’m 20 kilos overweight but my sister’s 25 kilos overweight”.


‘’Well it’s not that bad, I’ll work on my health at the end of the year when I’ve got some time.’’


‘’Well it’s not that I’m fat, it’s just I have a different body composition to you.’’

You get my point right?

We’ve got to apply a higher level of self-awareness to where we are right now. What is our current situation and don’t fucking sugar-coat it.

If anything amplify it, future pace your current self, based on the trajectory that you’re on right now with your health and ask yourself the question,‘’Are you fucking okay with that?’’.

Because if you’re not then something’s got to change. We must be willing to self-assess and be brutally honest with our current situation.

Kerwin Rae