Dr Shefali Tsabary

Changing the world one conscious parent at a time

It is a great honour to be able to introduce Dr. Shefali Tsabary today on Unstoppable. She appeared on Oprah’s Super Soul Sundays a few years ago and that episode completely changed the trajectory of my parenting journey.

Dr. Shefali specialises in conscious parenting, which will not only show you how to become a better parent to build children who grow into healthy adults, but to help you understand your own childhood and inner child better too. This is for anyone who wants to shift their mindset, heal their past, and change the world on a global and future level. And the time to watch it is NOW during these most unprecedented times where change is inevitable.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • 05:32 The hardship of being a girl in India
  • 11:10 – Understanding Ego and parenting
  • 15:34 – Parenting as an identity
  • 26:57 – How to regulate stress when you’re a parent
  • 32:13 – Consciousness journeys
  • 38:06 – What are the biggest mistakes that parents make?
  • 45:45 – Parents who are too attached to authority
  • 48:55 – What is most effective long term when educating our kids?
  • 56:24 – How to discipline our kids in a healthy way
  • 1:02:02 -Boundaries with kids
  • 1:05:03 – Preparing to become a parent
  • 1:12:00 – What is unhealthy enmeshment?
  • 1:21:11 – Best piece of advice for parents

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