Change your story, change your life

Anyone who’s ever been to any of my events knows I place a high level of importance on human development and psychology when it comes to helping business owners succeed.

Because the fundamental reason of why you’re right here right now, whether you’re in a good place or a bad place, is because of your own thought patterns, beliefs and stories.
That’s why you’re exactly where you are right now. It’s all you.

One of the first things I teach when I get people in a room, is to identify, what I refer to as their stories. And part of that is to start becoming aware of the language you use on a regular basis.

I can typically read someone’s psychology within about 30 seconds of speaking to them, just simply by the words that fall out of their mouth. And when I say fall out of their mouth, most people aren’t conscious of what they’re saying.

They’re just allowing the same old things to come out because this is the pattern of language they’ve been using for years.

When I sit down and interview wealthy individuals, I always ask the same question – “How did you get where you are?”

Very general.

And do you know what they tell me as quick as a flash, without even having to think?
They tell me a story. A story, like a story book, like a movie, like a screenplay. It might be a snapshot, it might be a chapter, it might be the whole friggin movie. It depends on how much they talk.

But guess what they’re story, guess what language, guess what the words in their story are made up of? Wealthy affirmations. It is made up of wealthy affirmations.

It is what I call the story of wealth.

So they would say things like, “I always knew I was gonna crack it, even though I came from nothing. You know what, even though I used to doubt myself there was always something inside me, I just believed. And I kept focusing on that. I convinced myself that I could do it”.

Now do you know what happens when I sit down with someone who doesn’t have money. Do you know what they tell me? They tell me a story as well. But their story is full of poor affirmations.

“Ahh well you know what, I’ve always been hard done by. My mum never liked me, my dad thought I was ugly. I didn’t have the looks to become wealthy”.

Anyone ever seen Kerry Packer? Kind of dispels that myth really. Warren Buffett, isn’t exactly like an oil painting either. But lovely man, he’s like a teddy bear.

I can’t remember who said it, but someone once told me something wise. They said, you can’t be unhappy unless you are running an unhappy story. You can’t be depressed unless you are running a depressed story. And I’ll put a little tweak on that and say, you cannot be wealthy if you are running a poor story.

If you are constantly telling people why you are where you are, based on a whole bunch of excuses and affirmations of poor and affirmations of lack, you’re never going to get there.
One thing that I have learnt when it comes to augmenting or changing psychology is that language is by far the most powerful tool.

It’s what we call the power of suggestion.

So what are the stories you keep replaying in your head? What is the language you use when you have a conversation with someone?

Are you thinking thoughts of wealth, and abundance, and prosperity, and happiness, and gratitude? Or are you thinking thoughts of poverty, misfortune, lack of, and restriction?

Your thoughts become things. And do you know the best way to figure out what your current stories and beliefs are? Look around you. What’s surrounding you? What’s your environment like? Your relationships, your financial situation and your health?

Change your thoughts, change your beliefs, change your stories, and change your life.

Kerwin Rae